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idea, on the horizon, a thunder suddenly exploding, immediately I saw was a foot thick thighs silver mine,jordan shoes for sale, like a silver python-like, tear the clouds,cheap jordan shoes, and lightning with stone Ding storm swept over the drug away. When the laser out of silver,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan ‘head is a dynamic, demon puppet sky suddenly Shanlue down, immediately took the lead in the top of the stone appeared, with open arms, silver thunder directly that road, severely The bombardment on the body. ‘Bang!’
silver mine strike on puppet body, a voice suddenly sounded dull abnormal, so that was the presence of the human heart are severely jump jump.
demon puppet figure,Cheap Jordans, is to be shipped directly to the silver mine Road Zala nearly tens of meters, and then forced to hold just at the moment on his body, and numerous silver current flashing constantly in front of its body off erosion within go,cheap jordans, as if for a normal person, I’m afraid at the moment has long been Pikairouzhan, but demon puppet is not the slightest feeling, but it’s a dry body, at lightning erosion, gradually increasingly strengthened … ‘is actually absorbed丹雷 power? ‘Don silver lightning shock looked to be in, but it was not anything, but it continues to absorb the force of the thunder demon puppet, the eyes also could not help passing touch of color shock.
Boom! Boom! Boom!
a silver mine is easily took the demon puppet, dark clouds on the sky is dramatic crest up, after a moment, they are more sturdy than the previous three Thunder, brought up the rumbling sound of bombing, from among the clouds storm swept out! bang! bang! bang!
facing three silver mine, demon puppet manipulation at Xiao Yan, without the slightest hesitation,cheap jordan shoes, like a needle 一枚 lead mine in general, is once again direct three silver mine to lead to his body go. In three silver mine ferocious

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hands of sodium ring, for this so-called Bodhi body of Yan, his painstaking preparation, is not know today with his family property, whether from the public obviously come prepared and strong hands, will it captured.
‘or so will I go in?’ Side of the small medical cents, looked strong beam of light, Liu Mei Wei Zhou, Xiao Yan suddenly whispered Road.
Or wait a minute, I go inside? ‘Side of the small medical cents, looked strong beam of light, could not help Liu Mei Wei Zhou, Xiao Yan suddenly whispered Road.
‘Nothing, Black King were not that daring tricks in here and my strength, even if it Mok personally sell the line, do not come up with real skill,Cheap Jordans, it is difficult to me to stay.’ Xiao Yan faint smile, he naturally know what to worry about small medical cents, but as long as there are lines that Mok this reason, it is not in so many people watching, shop and go to that stupid thing.
see 萧炎坚 holders,jordan shoes for sale, small medical cents also had nodded and whispered to ‘So, it will immediately you, but remember, if you do not enter them without minutes out,jordan shoes for sale, then I would insist forcing their way inside.There are a few people out of the face with a smile, it seems that he does not own things, quite confident.
Xiao Yan did not immediately rush into it,cheap jordans for sale, but clean,cheap jordan shoes, sitting on a chair, quietly watching the progress of things too,
in 萧炎静 etc., when before that famous line roll of ‘shadow work’ auction in hand hawk nose gray old man, also slowly stood up.
see him move, Xiao Yan is the cool heart,cheap jordans for sale, the old man in this auction is among only a few see through one of his people, of which he is also automatically will be turned into the current competition among the enemy ranks.
name of hawk nose gray man in a dark corner slightest strong in the domain of the older generation, not a nameless person,

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huge soul of the house,Cheap Jordans Outlet, also in this jitter, becomes shaky up many strong soul of the house who was horrified Baotou scatter in all directions.
between the sudden destruction of the storm, the sky is caused by the fighting parties respect the attention of ‘Q glimpse of light, all is in my eyes a touch of dismay, and then never gave entangled opponent, quickly Putui, fear was that the destruction of the power spread … ‘Bang! ‘
force of destruction proliferation moment Shanlue ghastly ghost hand finally came, and then printed on the top of a heavy chest Xiao Yan, the sense of the vastness of the dark forces, like the volcano in general, suddenly erupted! ‘Puchi!’
suffer like such a deadly attack, Xiao Yan face instantly pale, bite Xue Wu spray burst out of the chest, and even came the sound of bones breaking Cui Xiang, and his body, and it was kind of terrible strength force, shook like a projectile-like inverted out.
body Zhenfei that Yi Sha, Xiao Yan mouth,cheap jordans, but it is showing a hint of awe-inspiring arc, because at the moment, he saw the old devil stardom goes face full of fear of the color … the destruction of the fire lotus, exploded. ” Boom! ‘
enough to have a huge storm cell baizhang fire,cheap jordans, instantly broke off from the bottom up, connecting heaven and earth like a storm in general,cheap jordans for sale, like a miracle,jordan shoes for sale, ‘ When
firestorm raging destruction fluctuations as ripples spread out of the valley, and that huge black temple extremely rugged, and finally collapse down at the moment, many of the strong soul of the house, that the destruction of the body being affected fluctuations , that is, plop,Cheap Jordans, into a dark picture of the ashes …
destruction volatility has spread nearly kilometers, within a kilometer, to make into Chidi, dense forests, in this Yisha, into Oblivion …

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substance, ah, it seems the old lady have to seriously some of the … ‘
mind passing this road idea, Wu Chen and his face is becoming increasingly serious, and that the red hand of the fire is getting bigger and bright, but at the same time, a surge like a fiery temper, but is slowly since its feet at the numbers.
‘For three thousand thunderous storms Court, the wife would have wanted to see something, and I want to see what is my Fenyan Valley Plough gravel powerful step or three thousand thunderous them even better!
Wu Chen Hey smile,Coach Outlet Store Online, glowing flame of the right foot, suddenly Yiduo ground!
a muffled sounds, hard piece of bluestone Wu Chen place to stay, is actually a direct life and burst open,Coach Outlet Online, and his stature, but also laugh is heard, the strange disappearance of place!
that disappeared in Wu Chen Yi Sha, dignified color Xiao Yan is more concentrated on the face, after a moment, feeling the hairs stood fierce, almost like a conditioned reflex, three thousand thunderous display directly to the extreme,Coach Outlet Store Online, one blur emerge ” ‘Notice! ‘
red silhouette with a muffled sound of the gas explosion, the two shaped like a tank-like,Coach Outlet Store, severely impact on that road shadow war, which directly and instantly crack.
a hit and empty, red silhouette Lima life and catch herself, immediately before it broke off direct a gas explosion, shattered on the ground to open a crack,Coach Outlet, but do not be this way gas explosion sound came out, fiery figure is severely Yiduo ground, the body, such as pulling up the sky like a rocket,Coach Outlet Store Online, the moment they get out in front of Xiao Yan now! ‘Good fast!’
looked death in the eyes would flash red shadow, Xiao Yan face is changed, Wu Chen cast by fighting skillsThen three thousand thunderous be as good as flexible, but the impact is extreme and destructive terror

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force of the storm that pulled into the nothingness of space, purple violet research outside the body is getting rich, to get later, toes almost like a half an inch away a prison like a crystal layer like purple light, sailed from palm spread out, and finally filled outside the hull. With this breath
purple light appeared suddenly appeared strange scene,Coach Outlet, I saw too many violent space force those Pushe comes direct life and life is actually catapult Crystal Mountain and back, and then follow with the force of the magnetic space collision with a flurry of explosions crackling sound,Coach Outlet Store, so that was the nothingness of space warp bear up. Purple Crystal Mountain
great effect, but it seems that for the consumption of purple research is great, so the Crystal Mountain lasted just a few minutes, then it is declared broken, but also the spread between the purple research throatA whispered Menheng, a trace of blood, along the mouth overflow down, jewel-like eyes,Coach Bags Outlet, is becoming dim some promise. ‘Xiao Yan brother, export is coming!’
While many people stick between his teeth,Coach Outlet Online, Hin Blue surprise that sounds, but it is like a tonic sounded like, Xiao Yan looked up,Coach Outlet Store, it really is a place to see the distant darkness, suddenly appeared in a silver iris, where they export space wormhole! ‘Bang!’
saw exports go far Hsiao not be surprised to speak, force an unusual terror space is severely impact on the hull, the sense of the strength of a large, if not a small medical cents eke probably spot have broken away.
extract trace gap,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan eyes glanced toward the rear, could not immediately eye pupil is tightening up, and saw that the space was a storm, at this moment suddenly became very violent up in that storm, suction overwhelming horror violence Chung out in this sector under suction, the space

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smiled and said: ‘Liu Qing,Coach Outlet Online, but now the family patriarch, and his practice talent than me, when I had its separate, he is to reach the level of Samsung imperial struggle, today’s words’ fear or at least seven imperial struggle a. ‘Now that you have decided that I will lead the way by now, with the speed of the two of us, about the time of day,Coach Outlet Online, is to be reached where Liu Qing. ‘
Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, Dan will start from, there is a certain distance, the way he can just past the middle of the way to collect some beast fire, the fire grow that wire of the fire in the body.
saw Xiao Yan did not oppose, Yan Lin no longer nonsense, between the back shocked,Coach Outlet, vindictive double stretch Western Cape, a move stature, is swept on the air.
level of strong imperial struggle, although a lot of money too rare in the Plains, but barely able to enter the quasi-strong column of,Coach Outlet Store, so when some people see the gravel on the square vacated Yan Lin, are all coming together to vote Road admiring glances, and now is becoming a young imperial struggle, presumably unlimited future achievements ah.
And in between them envy, Xiao Yan is empty marching feet, quickly swept the sky, and then with a wave Yan Lin, the two into a streamer that is, disappeared on that square into a Road glassy eyes .
‘Ta line,Coach Outlet Store Online? fight cases? That kid is actually a struggle were strong?’ Xiao Yan
two disappeared in the sky after the side of the square just a few people have recovered, audible exclaimed a road network is difficult to set the bucket cases, even look Plains, is definitely strong, many people doing everything for this level of struggle, but in the end can really do so to arrive at this level of people,Coach Outlet, but it is extremely rare, and therefore it is no wonder that those who saw Xiao Yan after the fighting were

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dignified, filled from the other side of the body strange atmosphere that road, and that he felt a hint of the taste of death.
‘woe poison the body,Coach Factory Outlet, it seems to put the iron law enforcement was right,Coach Outlet Store, you can come to such a degree in such a young, turned against this thing’s sake.’ ‘scorpion Bi Yan also be informed of the nature generation, woe is poisonous body Wal heard some moment looking gloomy hissed.
small medical cents slowly gaining ground,Cheap Coach Purses, two eye pupil, pure color was terrible, a purple one gray, the color of the rest without the slightest doping, looks, giving a feeling of indifference,Coach Outlet Store Online, but in this strange eyes Under the watchful eye of even the strength of the rock is completed scorpion, my heart also could not help but jump slightly.
gray and purple eye pupil watched scorpion Bi Yan, a small medical cents but did not open, a real estate broker gently grip, I could see nothing around the feet of space, suddenly violent fluctuations up, and soon formed between an invisible cage distortion, and as distortion of space, look to the outside world where the line of sight, but also blurred together.
‘poison-day prison industry!’
twisted into a cage space,Coach Factory Outlet, a small medical cents indifferent eyes glanced at the same blockade was not the slightest retreatBi scorpion rock, fingers move, mouth spit into a Lenghe.
With Sheng fall,Coach Outlet, I saw too overwhelming thick mist gray and purple, the body suddenly between childhood medical cents storm Chung out, soon spread quickly among several blink, this piece is made by the spatial distortions cage obscured for a time, the outside world’s attention, and it was exhaustively blocked down.
space inside the cage, the scorpion Bi Yan looked gloomy face that filled the surrounding gray and purple sticky gas concubine, he could feel that

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face,cheap coach bags, dull eyes flashing light among Jingmang, this illusory figure out just a wizard,Coach Outlet Store, that is so Xiao Yan felt a spread from the bottom of my heart out of a sense of oppression. ” Fall of heart inflammation? I did not expect … it is being rein … ‘illusory shadows, glanced Xiao Yan a, soon slowly,Coach Outlet Store, his voice among the collimator attached hint implicit meaning.
Wen Yan,coach purses outlet, Xiao Yan heart could not help but surprise, he naturally knows illusory shadows in front of the soul body,Coach Outlet Store, but did not think the other one is to see the body of his fallen heart inflammation … ‘I do not know this gentleman, take the kid taste broke, but also hope forgive me. ‘mind the idea of ​​rapid rotation, Xiao Yan is very polite in front of the road. Xiao Yan did not care illusory figure courtesy, eyes staring at him for a moment,Coach Outlet, a move immediately palms.
in this channel under the old shadows moving strokes, Xiao Yan Meng dismay found his body fall heart inflammation, actually uncontrolled out every now and then, finally falling into the right hand in.
‘old man, this is what you intended?!’ such a scene, so Xiao Yan heart sank, Nu Sheng said.
fall like a heart inflammation invisible snake, wrapped in palm shadows hovering over the old, the appearance is so Guaijue, so Xiao Yan face some changes, and now the fall of heart inflammation obviously he has been completely refining, how likely in the hands of a stranger so obedient?
‘?? how very strange,’ Xiao Yan seems to know the hearts of doubt, the old man glanced at him, mouth emerges a touch of inexplicable smile, faint: ‘Because I was the fall of the last masters of heart inflammation, though you practice of it, but it still is not much I resist, but also the art of controlling the fire, do not you can not than my old man? ‘
‘the last of the

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a terrible Quanfeng, is to suddenly appear behind. ‘Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, you bastard, ranking dare fraud old lady!’
feel the breeze behind that tyrannical, Hong Tian Xiao suddenly roar loudly, and soon in the hands of the sword bitter anger against the rear split away, the last in a crisp sound Qiang Qiang, the hacking in arms over the demon puppet while the latter is not only back,Coach Outlet, but Qianpu step, with open arms, the Hong Tian Xiao stans 7 off, clinging.
limbs were locked, Hong Tian Xiao also surprised, immediately frantic struggle up,coach bags outlet sale, red like a grudge like a volcanic eruption, storm surge out from the body, but that demon puppet at Xiao Yan command, but it is wrapped tightly to the , neglects that grudge hot. ‘If you want to kill me, that old lady will not let you easily!’ Demon puppet blockade is live, Xiao Yan seems to know his heart will kill the general, Hong Xiao, also emerged a touch of madness in the eyes, the body of a grudge, crashing collision, suddenly a violent force, the rapid surgeLook at this appearance, this old guy actually came also blew.
Tian Xiao Hung had expected and seems to have a general move in the body between a grudge surging, Xiao Yan stature is like ghostly Shanlue to, freezing cold eyes, green flame emerged palms immediately if a cone-like flame, severely stabbed. ‘Laugh!’
a subtle Qing Xiang, Tian Xiao Hung struggling, suddenly stiff, tough down slowly,Coach Outlet Online, looking at it from the chest out of the flames through the palms, eyes the color of pernicious still has not reached its peak,Cheap Coach, is solidifies.
a flood to destroy life Tian Xiao Xiao Yan blankly, hands shoved in his press Tian Linggai, fiercely said something,Coach Outlet Online, an illusory body soul, suddenly was forcibly pulled. ‘Xiao Yan little bastard, the wife with you today, with attributable gold!’ Tian Xiao

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smile, immediately in front of leaf weight slowly said.
heard, shake slightly skinned leaf weight, the body is shaking up, and now the black fire were tyrannical power, leaves home, it has been difficult to compete with.
hall, the atmosphere because of the heavy weight on the leaves become extremely depressed up, and five minutes of time is spent in the sink to quickly. ‘
arrived in five minutes time limitMoment, awe-inspiring smile on the face of two black man is slowly expanding, palm,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, surging energy gradually condensed. ‘Leaf weight, this result, but you asked for it, blame the wife duo of!’ ‘Oh vr’
Just when that black man intended to kill two of the body since the emergence of more and more concentrated, the sound of a sigh, finally sounded from the big door, shoved the former duo surprised,Tiffany Outlet, suddenly back,Tiffany Outlet Online, is met That young man reclining door, the moment is ten cold eyes, one Hema,Tiffany Outlet, spit in self-tick. ‘Go!’
youth and will ignore, moving up slowly in front of the hall to the experts, can not afford the slightest calm waves softly, slowly is like a wave-like diffusion holy open. ‘One minute,Tiffany Outlet, with the coffin to get out of Yecheng, otherwise, they leave it …’ (alias, which is tomorrow, will erupt Midnight 1060th chapters yang fire ancient altar
youth dull sound, such as water-like across the hall, everyone is so robust, so the tone is different from the ordinary really mad.
that named Zhao black, black magic Qin old man, heard also startled by startled, immediately ghastly face down slowly, like a fierce wolf-like eyes looked toward the hall of the youth come slowly, After a while, hunting natural smile: ‘A mere two stars were, in front of the old lady actually dared two presumptuous!’
‘There are forty seconds.’ For these two grinning,Tiffany And Co Outlet, did not smell like a young, slightly